• BIPoC Committee

    BIPoC Committee

BIPoC Committee

In 2021, Halifax McInnes Cooper’s BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) members organized and formed the firm’s BIPoC committee. Since then, the committee has grown and now includes BIPoC members from all offices across the Atlantic Region.

The committee’s mandate includes collective efforts to eliminate discrimination at all levels by:

  • Providing a community and support system for BIPoC members,
  • Identifying issues that affect different BIPoC communities,
  • Advocating for cultural change; and
  • Learning, celebrating, and sharing the histories of our BIPoC members.

The committee recognizes there are multiple dimensions and unique challenges given the complex and intersectional nature of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Members of the BIPoC committee are additionally active within the firm DEI Working Group and contribute their time and knowledge in advancing McInnes Cooper Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative as part of the firm’s strategic plan.

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We work on various initiatives to advance our efforts. Our achievements include:

  • Created a network of BIPoC MC members that provides opportunities to build relationships while supporting achieving the firm’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals.
  •  Engaging with the Firm Management team to address issues such as improving work experience, creating a safe space for dialogue, and policy review processes for BIPoC MC members.
  • Engaged with BIPOC recruitment to facilitate supportive processes and hiring initiatives.
  • Attended various conferences and summits, funded by the firm, focusing on BIPoC issues.
  •  Monthly social opportunities to have meaningful interactions with BIPoC MC members.