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    Collective Social Responsibility

Collective Social Responsibility

A commitment to community is integral to our culture and operations. Some call it Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). At McInnes Cooper, we call it Collective Social Responsibility because, for us, it’s about embracing our shared responsibility to make our world kinder, stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Built on five pillars – community impact, environmental stewardship, pro bono legal services, wellness promotion, and diversity & inclusion – our CSR program engages our members in a shared effort to empower communities and conserve the environment. Through our CSR program, McInnes Cooper proudly supports hundreds of projects a year, leveraging more than 6,000 volunteer hours, and contributing more than $400,000 in pro bono legal advice to marginalized individuals and groups.

CSR at McInnes Cooper includes:

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Youth Empowerment

Our youth hold so much creativity, compassion, and leadership ability. They inspire us to partner with advocacy groups and youth centres that help young people discover their passions, find their voices, and feel empowered to make decisions today that will affect changes tomorrow. Together, we participate in programs that promote literacy, equality, and creativity, and help to instill resilience in the generation that will lead us toward a brighter future.

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Mental Health

Mental health struggles affect 1 in 4 people at some point in their lives. McInnes Cooper recognizes this prevalence and acknowledges our own members are not immune. We have a responsibility to challenge stigma and support the mental wellbeing in our workplaces and in our communities. Through partnership with expert organizations that support mental health and provide access to medical assistance, we foster positive discourse and actively work toward collective wellbeing.

  • “We're so proud to call McInnes Cooper one of our partners at United Way Halifax. Each year we depend on their financial contribution to our Community Fund as well as their team of eager volunteers who are always willing to lend a helping hand - with a big smile! Poverty is not an issue that can be solved with one charity, one order of government, or one corporation. It takes all of us working together to build, fund, and implement solutions needed in our community and we commend McInnes Cooper for wanting to build their understanding of poverty and taking action.”
    Liz Struijf-Mandishora, Director Revenue Development & Donor Engagement, United Way Halifax
  • “Youth Impact Jeunesse is both honoured and extremely appreciative for the on-going commitment from McInnes Cooper. Financial, in-kind, and volunteer support to our Youth QUEST Central program helps level the playing field to youth between the ages of 16-24 by reducing risk factors that have impeded healthy development while providing increased opportunity to those struggling with addictions, mental health and precarious living circumstances.”
    Tracy Cormier, Associate Director, Youth Impact Jeunesse
  • “Coverdale Centre for Women Inc. would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to McInnes Cooper and their Collective Social Responsibility Program for generously recognizing Coverdale’s contribution in the community. The donations we receive through this collaboration are impactful in supporting our vision to make positive changes towards improving the quality of life for the vulnerable women we serve and their children. Their member’s compassion and assistance enables us to continue providing much needed supplies and services.”
    Mary Saulnier-Taylor, Executive Director, Coverdale Centre for Women
  • “McInnes Copper has been a trusted partner of ISANS for over 7 years. The McInnis Cooper Pro Bono Legal Service provides access to business legal advice for those immigrant entrepreneurs who cannot afford the full cost of legal service. ISANS' business clients have benefited immensely from McInnis Cooper’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff, working side by side with them helping them navigate through business legal matters. We are grateful for the partnership!”
    Christine Alvarez, Business & Workforce Integration Supervisor, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia
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Poverty Reduction

We believe that a community is only as strong as its most vulnerable weakness, and for many communities that weakness is poverty. At McInnes Cooper, we engage with local organizations that impactfully address food insecurity, child hunger, homelessness, affordable housing, literacy rates, and equitable access to education. To support these efforts, we empower our members to take part in donation drives, fundraising campaigns, and volunteer service. Some of our community partners in the area of poverty relief include:

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Access to Justice

As legal professionals, we have the distinct privilege of providing legal services. With that privilege comes a responsibility to improve access to justice. To remove barriers for marginalized people and groups in need of counsel, we support organizations that enable access to justice, such as:

Through our Pro Bono Program, we provide legal counsel to marginalized people and groups that face social or financial barriers to accessing justice.