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    Collective Social Responsibility

Collective Social Responsibility

A commitment to community is integral to our culture and operations. Some call it Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). At McInnes Cooper, we call it Collective Social Responsibility because, for us, it’s about embracing our shared responsibility to make our world kinder, stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Built on five pillars – community impact, environmental stewardship, pro bono legal services, wellness promotion, and diversity & inclusion – our CSR program engages our members in a shared effort to empower communities and conserve the environment. Through our CSR program, McInnes Cooper proudly supports hundreds of projects a year, leveraging more than 6,000 volunteer hours, and contributing more than $400,000 in pro bono legal advice to marginalized individuals and groups.

CSR at McInnes Cooper includes:

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Youth Empowerment

Our youth hold so much creativity, compassion, and leadership ability. They inspire us to partner with advocacy groups and youth centres that help young people discover their passions, find their voices, and feel empowered to make decisions today that will affect changes tomorrow. Together, we participate in programs that promote literacy, equality, and creativity, and help to instill resilience in the generation that will lead us toward a brighter future.

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Mental Health

Mental health struggles affect 1 in 4 people at some point in their lives. McInnes Cooper recognizes this prevalence and acknowledges our own members are not immune. We have a responsibility to challenge stigma and support the mental wellbeing in our workplaces and in our communities. Through partnership with expert organizations that support mental health and provide access to medical assistance, we foster positive discourse and actively work toward collective wellbeing.

  • “McInnes Cooper helped us make our dream come true by providing the expert guidance, pro bono work, and the seed funding we needed to take our work to the next level. YAC is now a thriving charity that has helped hundreds of young people from communities across Nova Scotia to find their passion and turn their dreams into careers and impactful community projects.”
    Ryan Veltmeyer, Executive Director of Youth Art Connection
  • “Every patient and family of the IWK Health Centre has unique needs and challenges that impact their overall wellbeing. When a family is dealing with a legal issue, it can affect the patient’s and family’s ability to engage in treatment, impede recovery and disrupt overall health. Having access to skilled and committed lawyers who are on their side makes a measurable difference. Knowing how legal issues intersect with the social determinants of health, we were pleased when McInnes Cooper reached out to us in 2014 to express interest in collaborating with the IWK to create a medical-legal partnership. Since launching the program in partnership with the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia, we’ve been encouraged and grateful for the dedicated effort of MC lawyers to help families in need.”
    Jen Feron, General Counsel, IWK Health Centre
  • “McInnes Cooper has been an invaluable partner to Laubach Literacy NB and together we are making a difference to the literacy landscape for adults throughout our province. When we improve literacy among adults, we can improve a variety of outcomes including health and employment. A strong donor/sponsor relationship isn’t just about financial support. It’s about involvement and the team at McInnes Cooper is unfailing in their commitment as volunteers in our communities. Whether it is volunteering at our events, providing expert advice or sitting on a board, McInnes Cooper has been an exceptional partner.”
    Carol Cottrill, Executive Director, Laubach Literacy NB
  • ”The exceptional support that we receive from our friends at McInnes Cooper allows us to enable life-changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential of young people. Through donations of time, effort and financial support, they make outstanding contributions in our community. The commitment and dedication that comes from the McInnes Cooper team is instrumental in helping young people succeed. We value their relationship and belief in mentoring to help change lives”.
    Kelly Leach, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern NL
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Poverty Reduction

We believe that a community is only as strong as its most vulnerable weakness, and for many communities that weakness is poverty. At McInnes Cooper, we engage with local organizations that impactfully address food insecurity, child hunger, homelessness, affordable housing, literacy rates, and equitable access to education. To support these efforts, we empower our members to take part in donation drives, fundraising campaigns, and volunteer service. Some of our community partners in the area of poverty relief include:

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Access to Justice

As legal professionals, we have the distinct privilege of providing legal services. With that privilege comes a responsibility to improve access to justice. To remove barriers for marginalized people and groups in need of counsel, we support organizations that enable access to justice, such as:

Through our Pro Bono Program, we provide legal counsel to marginalized people and groups that face social or financial barriers to accessing justice.