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At McInnes Cooper, innovation is so much more than a buzzword. Innovation is ingrained in the very way we approach our business.

For us, innovation means challenging the way law has traditionally been practiced by taking a futurist mindset to the way we work, and finding new and improved ways to bring value to our clients.

That’s why we’ve created  a Chief Innovation Officer role: to champion innovation in our firm and further capitalize on the opportunities to enhance our operational efficiencies, productivity enhancements and service delivery to clients.

How we’re embracing innovation:

  • McInnes Cooper has been an invaluable partner to WorkSafeNB in managing what was once a very time-intensive process. With the support of their team, we have been able to clear backlogs, improve our processing times and cut down on costs. We especially appreciate the level of thought and innovation they brought to help address our unique situation. The custom solution delivered even better results than expected.
    David Luther, General Counsel at WorkSafeNB

Integrating Technology

We understand the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technology to better serve our clients. By incorporating advanced case management systems, artificial intelligence for legal research and contract drafting, technological solutions for lawyer/client collaboration, dashboards for real-time monitoring of work by clients and secure cloud-based platforms, we aim to enhance efficiency and streamline processes. Embracing technology is our way of staying ahead in the ever-evolving legal landscape to better meet your needs.

  • AI. Our team is regularly engaged in pilot projects using software that incorporate AI and is actively engaged with AI software vendors on upcoming opportunities so that we can identify enhanced approaches to providing legal services. We are also deliberately exploring the incorporation of AI with other professional service providers because we believe that collaborating with others helps us further understand all developments that leverage the technology for both our firm and our clients – in a safe, beneficial way. One example is an internal pilot project using AI contract drafting software. This has the potential to radically improve productivity for us and our clients.
  • Casepoint. McInnes Cooper is the first Canadian law firm to use Casepoint, an end-to-end legal discovery platform for litigation, investigations and compliance. Through Casepoint, our litigation files are now more accessible, accurate and affordable for our clients.
  • Virtual Minute Books. Our firm is transitioning to virtual minute books, making it easier and more efficient to access important corporate information for our clients.
  • Lexis+ AI. McInnes Cooper is proud to be one of the legal collaborators with LexisNexis on Lexis+ AI, a new AI legal research tool. Our input will help refine and enhance the offering, while giving our firm early access to an industry-leading technology.
  • Ask BlueJ. McInnes Cooper will be particiapting in a trial of Blue J Legal’s new generative AI tax advice tool, ask BlueJ. Ask BlueJ uses generative AI to answer tax questions allowing faster research and automated outputs to help summarize findings.
  • Office 365. McInnes Cooper leverages the vast capabilities of the Office 365 platform, including its embedded AI software, Microsoft Copilot, to quickly deploy solutions for various projects that include data management, automation, dashboarding and client collaboration.
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Insights on Emerging Areas of Regulation

Our knowledge goes beyond the law; it extends to global trends and the areas that impact your business. Our team helps clients navigate emerging areas of regulation, including:

  • ESG. A global shift towards sustainable living and increased social responsibility have driven ESG to the forefront of corporate priorities. Our team takes a proactive approach to meet your ESG goals, so that as trends become law, your company is set to succeed.
  • AI. We are closely following developments in this rapidly growing area. We provide advice to clients on developing their own AI policies and help them understand the legal risks associated with the adoption of AI software.
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy. Our leading energy team has significant experience in renewable energy, including wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, solar, co-generation and tidal developments. We keep close industry connections, ensuring we stay informed of the opportunities and changes that are shaping the future of energy.