• United Nations Global Compact

    United Nations Global Compact

McInnes Cooper and the United Nations Global Compact

As global trends emerge and evolve, organizations bear increasing accountability for their operational impact on people and the planet. Through mandated benchmarks and customer influence, companies must align business practices with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards.

At McInnes Cooper, we acknowledge our responsibility to operate ethically, and we continually build capacity to serve our clients in accordance with ESG standards.

To guide us in this work and to validate our effort, McInnes Cooper leverages membership in the United National Global Compact (UN Global Compact).

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How UN Global Compact Makes us Better

Having joined in late 2022, McInnes Cooper leverages its membership with UN Global Compact to guide and measure our ESG performance leading to tangible impact. This includes:

  • Influence on Strategy: UN Global Compact and its principles are part of the strategy, culture, and day-to-day operations of our company, and we commit to engage in collaborative projects that advance the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Alignment with ESG Services: Our involvement with UN Global Compact better equips our lawyers and staff to provide ESG-related services to our clients. Through education and accelerator programs on emerging topics, our members are building knowledge and capacity to address our clients’ ESG requirements.
  • Educational Resources: Through the UN Global Compact Academy, our members have access to a robust learning platform with educational resources on key sustainability topics.
  • Communication on Progress: We report annually based on UN Global Compact requirements, providing insights into the concrete steps we are taking to advance our sustainability efforts. View McInnes Cooper’s UN Global Compact profile and recent communications on progress.