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    Labour & Employment Essentials FAQs

Labour & Employment Essentials FAQs

Is MC Legal Lab | Labour & Employment Essentials the right fit for my organization?
Yes. All organizations share the desire to mitigate risk. We offer practical guidance to people managers, mid-to-senior level supervisors, human resources professionals, and any other leaders looking to hone their business acumen to help navigate workplace issues and manage labour relations.

Our workshops are ideal for groups of up to 25 participants, depending on the size and nature of the organization, and compliance with public health regulations. The content is suitable for both private and public organizations, and most is applicable to employers of both unionized and non-unionized workforces.

What can we expect in a typical workshop? 
Each workshop is 90-minutes long and is led by one of our trusted labour and employment lawyers. The workshops are interactive and incorporate discussion opportunities, making them ideal for fostering organic discussion.

We will provide workbook materials for all participants for each session they can follow along with our presenters. If you choose, we can customize the workshop content to your organization.

Where and when does McInnes Cooper deliver the workshops?
We offer our workshops online and in-person subject to compliance with public health regulations. You identify the date and time that works best; just give us at least two (2) weeks’ notice between the dates of booking and delivery.

How much can we expect to pay?
Each typical workshop starts at CAD $1,250. This covers the development and delivery of the selected training workshop.

Bundle and save options are available: Retain us to deliver two (2) 90-minute workshops for delivery on the same day for CAD $2,000; or to deliver three (3) 90-minute workshops anytime for CAD $3,000.

The price and manner of delivery can vary depending on the location at which the workshop(s) will be delivered; the number of participants; or customization of the content to your organization. Please consult our team directly to discuss the options and determine what works best for your organization. All pricing is subject to applicable taxes.

Are workshops available in French?    
Our bilingual (French and English) labour and employment lawyers can deliver our workshops in the Province of New Brunswick in either language.