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Legal Update: New Brunswick Budget 2016 Tax Hikes Could Nail Property Developers & Owners
By Steven Christie February  9, 2016

On February 2, 2016, the New Brunswick government announced its 2016 Budget, doubling the real property transfer tax and increasing the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). The tax hikes will have a big impact on NB real estate / property developers and owners. Here’s what property developers and owners need to know about the increases, and

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Legal Alert: NB Kicks-off First Request for Expressions of Interest from Aboriginal Businesses Under New Electricity from Renewable Resources Regulation
By Michael Simms, Julie Villeneuve February  1, 2016

On January 29, 2016, the New Brunswick Power Corporation (NB Power) kicked-off compliance with its obligations under the new Electricity from Renewable Resources Regulation 2015-60 made pursuant to the Electricity Act by issuing the first Request for Expressions of Interest from Aboriginal Businesses under the Regulation. The Regulation doesn’t say how NB Power must carry

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Legal Update: The Top 12 Employment Contract Terms to Start the New Year
By Dominique Fontaine, Malcolm Boyle February  1, 2016

A well drafted and implemented written employment contract can be instrumental to both avoiding or resolving disputes both during the employment relationship and when it ends – saving the employer time and money in either case.   WRITTEN EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS   Every employer has an employment contract with every employee – even when there’s “nothing

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Legal Alert: The Law Keeps Pace – The Business Implications of the New Civil Privacy Claim for “Public Disclosure of Private Facts” in Doe 464533 v. D.
By David Fraser, Trent Skanes January 27, 2016

On January 21, 2016, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice dramatically expanded the scope of legal privacy protection – and the liability exposure for breaching it. For the first time, a Canadian court expressly recognized a new privacy-based legal claim: “public disclosure of private facts” or “breach of confidence” – and awarded real monetary compensation

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McInnes Cooper’s Mike Melvin in Franchise Canada: What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying into a new or emerging franchise system?
By Michael J. Melvin January 27, 2016

Our lawyers are involved in the industries they serve; that’s what give them the ability to understand their clients’ businesses and provide practical advice and solutions. In this article, McInnes Cooper franchise lawyer Mike Melvin considers the special risks and opportunities facing a franchisee buying into a new or emerging franchise system, and how to make

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McInnes Cooper’s Sarah McInnes and Meghan Felt in the Chronicle Herald’s Cream: Employers face more inspections and new penalties under the new temporary foreign worker regime
By Sarah McInnes, Meghan Felt January 22, 2016

The new Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and the International Mobility Program (IMP) regulations took effect on December 1st, 2015. The new regime makes compliance inspections easier and creates new penalties for non-compliance. And this means employers using the Programs need to comply – and be ready to prove that they did.   In their article,

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Legal Alert: Ontario Court Provides Guidelines to Balance Privacy Rights & “Tower Dumps” in R v. Rogers Communications
By David Fraser January 18, 2016

On January 14, 2016, the Ontario Superior Court decided that Canadians have a clear privacy interest in their records of their cellular telephone activity, and telcos not only can stand up for their customers’ privacy rights in those records– they may be contractually obligated to do so. The decision drags overly broad “tower dump” production

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Legal Update: 5 Key Changes Streamline Venture Issuer Obligations
By Julie Robinson January 18, 2016

Things have gotten a bit easier for venture issuers, such as those listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, with recent changes to their obligations. Venture issuers with a December 31st year-end can take advantage of the most significant change – a new way to meet the interim Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) requirement – for

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Legal Update: Employers Face More Inspections & New Penalties Under the New Temporary Foreign Worker Regime Effective December 1, 2015
By Sarah McInnes, Meghan Felt December 16, 2015

As of December 1, 2015, the new Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and the International Mobility Program (IMP) regulations took effect. The new regime makes compliance inspections easier and creates new penalties for non-compliance. And this means employers using the Programs need to comply – and be ready to prove that they did.   THE

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Legal Alert: The Bell Tolls for NS Cyber-safety Act – NS Supreme Court Decides Act is Unconstitutional in Crouch v. Snell
By David Fraser, Ian Dunbar, Jane O'Neill December 14, 2015

On December 10, 2015 the bell tolled for the Nova Scotia Cyber-safety Act.  Just more than two years after the Act took effect, and alarm bells sounded over its compliance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court decided the Act does violate the Charter’s guaranteed rights to freedom of expression

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McInnes Cooper’s Amanda Nash in the Chronicle Herald’s Cream: The Sandwich Generation – 5 Employer FAQs About “Family Status” Accommodation
By Amanda Nash December 11, 2015

We provide employers with practical guidance on timely topics. The increasing number of employees sandwiched between generations means the effect isn’t confined to the home; it’s spilling over into the workplace. As more and more families struggle to manage competing demands of the workplace and of care-giving responsibilities, family status discrimination claims have risen.  In her

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Legal Update: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Response – The W-5’s of Managing Conflict & Preventing Harassment, Bullying & Violence @ Work
By Stephanie Sheppard, Ryan Baxter December  7, 2015

Violence has become an unfortunate reality in current society, and the workplace is not immune. With more people spending more time at work, more technology providing more access to those employees, and more employees under more pressure to balance increasing demands of work and home, the risk of violence incidents at work loom larger. But

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Legal Alert: Internationalization of the Chinese Renminbi – 5 Key Opportunities & Risks
By Megan Seto, Robb Baird December  2, 2015

On November 30, 2015 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to anoint the Chinese renminbi to its basket of reserve currencies effective October 1, 2016. The decision raises the renminbi to a select number of currencies – the dollar, euro, pound and yen – recognized as meeting the “freely usable” standard. This significant decision will

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McInnes Cooper’s Danny Graham in the Society Record: From “let’s get tough” to “let’s get it right”
By Danny Graham November 24, 2015

Nova Scotia is recognized around the world as one of the leading jurisdictions for restorative approaches. In his recent article, McInnes Cooper’s Special Advisor Danny Graham tells us that restorative justice also works outside a criminal justice context and that it is time we shift from a “let’s get tough” to a “let’s get it right” reflex.  Read

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Legal Alert: NS Court of Appeal Cuts Punitive Damages by 88% in Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. v. Brine
By Michelle Awad November 20, 2015

On November 17, 2015 the NS Court of Appeal made it clear that the quantum of damages to be awarded to an insured for breach of the duty of good faith has limits when it reduced the global damages the trial judge had awarded by 75%.  The punitive damages award was reduced by 88%.  The

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