“I had the pleasure of summering at McInnes Cooper’s Halifax office after completing my second year of law school at Queen’s University. I am very pleased to have returned to McInnes Cooper as an articled clerk.


My experience at McInnes Cooper has been overwhelmingly positive. From my first day at the firm, I felt that I was immediately welcomed into the McInnes Cooper community. The lawyers and staff are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and the passion they exhibit for their work is contagious. There are many social events throughout the summer and students are encouraged get involved in the office and in numerous Collective Social Responsibility initiatives within the community.


The rotation structure is an excellent way to build relationships with lawyers at the firm and become immersed in particular practice areas. My supervising lawyers provided me with a diverse experience and volunteered valuable guidance and feedback throughout. I sat in on client meetings, attended discoveries, drafted documents, prepared research memos and attended court. McInnes Cooper provides their students with many opportunities to develop legal skills and be a contributing member of the team.”


Katherine Willyard, 2015-2016 Articled Clerk


“Following my second year of study at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law, I had the privilege of summering at McInnes Cooper’s Halifax office.  From my first day of orientation onward, I felt that I was a member of the firm, not just a summer student.


The calibre of McInnes Cooper’s student program is second-to-none.   I transitioned easily into my rotations with McInnes Cooper’s Litigation, Labour, and Corporate practice groups and quickly found myself immersed in the day-to-day management of a number of legal matters.  My supervising lawyers made it their mission to involve me in all aspects of their practice.   As a former Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces with 15 years of experience, I greatly appreciated the firm’s emphasis on practical training through exposure to clients and the Courtroom.  I was also pleased to be involved in a variety the firm’s Community Social Responsibility initiatives.    


I truly believe that the strength of McInnes Cooper’s  summer student program is founded on month-long student rotations throughout legal practice groups .  Throughout the summer. students are provided with the experience and practical skills necessary to succeed as future Articling Clerks and Associates .  Rather than being one of a handful of new faces, summer students are quickly integrated into a team of highly-experienced lawyers attending client meetings, hearings, negotiations and trials.  I look forward to rejoining McInnes Cooper as an Articled Clerk following graduation from law school!”


Stephen MacLean, 2015 Summer Law Student


“Working with McInnes Cooper over the past three years has been tremendously rewarding experience. I worked as a summer student after first and second year of law school, and I am now an articled clerk.  Working here has provided me with  a hands-on experience that you simply cannot get in law school. Everyday I’m faced with new and exciting challenges such as research, drafting, and attending court or client meetings. This experience has brought my textbook learning to life, and is teaching me practical skills for my career ahead.  Further, the wide range of opportunities to get involved with worthwhile causes such as CSR, wellness and diversity initiatives, and community engagement ensures that my career is growing in a well-rounded and sustainable way.”  


Alex Dalton, 2015-2016 Articled Clerk


“Following my second year of study at McGill University’s Faculty of Law, I had the great privilege to summer at McInnes Cooper’s Halifax office. Although I had heard excellent things about the student program prior to applying, the experience exceeded even my highest expectations.


From the first day of orientation, I was taken under the wing of an experienced and diverse group of partners, associates, and human resources staff, each of whom were committed to ensuring I received interesting work and felt engaged with the firm. Unlike many other summer programs, students are scheduled to work in rotations with two or three supervising lawyers, each of whom are responsible not only for delegating and overseeing student work assignments, but also for bringing students to client meetings, court dates, administrative hearings, and professional events. Based on my experience, this mentorship-based model provides the ultimate platform for an engaging summer work experience: each of my supervising lawyers were friendly, attentive, and committed to teaching me about the profession, from the strategic elements of a litigation portfolio to the administrative essentials of a successful corporate practice. Across the board, McInnes Cooper offers students every opportunity to develop the legal and practical skills needed to become a valued member of the team.


Beyond the mentorship-based model, one of my favourite things about summering with McInnes Cooper was the extent to which students are encouraged to participate in community-centered events and initiatives. From the many fundraising and awareness activities organized by students and staff through the Collective Social Responsibility (CSR) program, to our student “mock trial” event, there was no shortage of progressive opportunities to give back to, and engage with, social justice and advocacy work in the community. I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding student experience, and look forward to what next summer will bring.”


Elissa McCarron, 2015 Summer Law Student



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