“Despite having great expectations for my summer at McInnes Cooper, my expectations were greatly surpassed. I received a truly top notch learning experience at a truly top notch firm. 


While I had expected to work among some of Canada’s most talented lawyers and have a high quality learning experience, the summer student program still exceeded my expectations. By rotating to a different practice area each month, I gained insight into the breadth of possible legal careers. Furthermore, the firm was dedicated to ensuring that students have diverse experiences throughout the summer. I sat in on client meetings, drafted documents, prepared research memos, observed a human rights resolution conference and attended a human rights hearing. All the while, supervising lawyers provided me with mentorship, guidance and feedback. 


Having met many incredible people from the firm throughout the application process, I had expected a friendly work environment. I did not, however, anticipate the actual strength of the firm’s social fabric. McInnes Cooper hosted a firm social every thursday afternoon, provided many opportunities to get involved both at the office and in the community and organized student activities. As a result of this commitment to building a collegial work environment, the office was welcoming, supportive and truly open door!


I am thrilled to be returning to McInnes Cooper as an articled clerk!”


-Lara Green, 2014-2015 Articled Clerk


“Following my first year of study at the Schulich School of Law, I had the pleasure of summering at McInnes Cooper’s Halifax office.


One of the most rewarding experiences this summer has been interacting with the people who work at McInnes Cooper. Throughout the summer, people at the firm went out of their way to answer questions, provide challenging work and give honest feedback. The lawyers and staff  were always keen to share their experience of life in the legal profession. Instead of being silent observers, summer students at McInnes Cooper are given opportunities to add value, interact with clients and actively participate in a variety of files.


I found the rotation structure of the Summer Program to be an effective way to allow students to immerse themselves in various areas of the law. Whether it be drafting statement of claims in litigation, attending Human Rights hearings or drafting shareholder agreements, the scope and diversity of work available at McInnes Cooper is enormous.


Summering at McInnes Cooper is a unique opportunity to begin a career at a firm where there is exciting work that makes a visible impact in and outside the community on a daily basis. The student program offers consistent support and resources to allow for the development of skills that make up an outstanding lawyer.”


-Rohan Rajpal, 2nd Year Summer Student


“I have had the pleasure of working at McInnes Cooper’s Halifax office during the Summer after completing my first and second years at the Dalhousie Schulich School of Law and I now look forward to the opportunity to article with the firm.


I believe that it is the people of McInnes Cooper that sets the firm apart. McInnes Cooper’s Halifax office offers an enjoyable team-based working environment where lawyers and staff alike are passionate in their jobs. McInnes Cooper also has a great presence throughout the region in the local communities in which the firm works, both due to the firm’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and the firm?s encouragement of individual charitable efforts.


McInnes Cooper’s Summer Program allows law students to gain exposure to a wide range of practise areas of the law, while putting to use the skills that students have learned in school. The unique structured mentorship aspect of McInnes Cooper’s Summer Program ensures that students become immersed in the files in which they are involved are able to gain insight into different practises by working directly with lawyers in each area of law. Whether it is writing a research memo, attending a client meeting, or appearing before the Courts, at McInnes Cooper law students gain invaluable experience and develop legal skills that cannot be taught in the classroom.”


- Sara Mahaney, First Year Associate


“After meeting so many incredible people and hearing their experiences at the firm, I was absolutely elated and excited to start work with McInnes Cooper. Reflecting on my summer there, I realize that my experiences defied even my most hopeful of expectations. McInnes Cooper is a firm where people take pride in what they do. Respect, teamwork, and active participation are more than just inviting buzzwords: they are real ideals practised every day by everyone you meet at McInnes Cooper. The individual attention and scope of responsibility my mentors offered me allowed me to really gain hands-on exposure to many different areas of the firm’s practice. Not only did I gain tremendous training, but I also further developed my own strengths both professionally and personally and was encouraged to share them. Best of all, I left the firm realizing that it is absolutely the kind of place where I envision myself dedicating my career, with exactly the kind of people with whom I want to build that career.”


- Chase Barlet, First Year Associate



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