SISIP Class Action Update – Technical Brief January 9th, 2013

A proposed agreement has been reached with the Department of Justice and is now available for review by class members. The proposed agreement still requires review and approval by the Court.


This technical briefing is a summary only. For full details of the settlement, including the Court approved Notice to the Class, and the history of the litigation, please visit


Proposed Agreement


The estimated total value of the proposed settlement is up to $887.8 million. This includes $424.3 million in retroactive payments, which in turn includes $82.6 million in interest.


The proposed agreement includes:

  • Full retroactive payments dating back to 1976, including interest;
  • Future payments; and
  • Access to a $10 million Scholarship Fund for Class Members or their family members.


As well, Class Counsel will donate $1 million to a charity for support of access to justice initiatives for veterans, and $50,000 to lead plaintiff Dennis Manuge for all the work he has done in advancing this case on behalf of all veterans.


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Read the full proposed agreement


SISIP Dennis Manuge Jan 9 2013 Update




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