Lex Mundi

McInnes Cooper is an exclusive member firm for Lex Mundi in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Lex Mundi is the world’s leading network of independent law firms with in-depth experience in 100 + countries worldwide. 


As part of the Lex Mundi global network, we can provide our clients with preferred access to

more than 21,000 lawyers around the world – all from a single point of contact.

Individually, each Lex Mundi member firm is a leader in its local market. Collectively, Lex Mundi firms provide global legal resources with unmatched depth and breadth. Working with other Lex Mundi firms, we are able to seamlessly handle our clients’ most challenging cross-border transactions and disputes.



These premier law firms provide legal representation and local market knowledge just about anywhere needs may arise. Our firm’s membership in Lex Mundi provides us with global reach and access to unparalleled legal resources that enhance our ability to serve our clients’ needs seamlessly around the world.


Through Lex Mundi’s trusted network of member firms we can connect our clients to:


Preeminent law firms

Each Lex Mundi member is an elite firm in its jurisdiction. Potential members are evaluated on quality, responsiveness, ability to provide a full range of legal services, reputation, technology, management structure, ethical standards, conflict avoidance procedures, size, court admissions and other criteria. Each member firm is admitted only after substantial due diligence, and must undergo regular quality and peer review procedures in order to retain membership in the association.


Local market knowledge.

Lex Mundi’s broad international coverage provides clients and their advisors with access to quality lawyers “on the ground” in nearly every major jurisdiction. Lex Mundi member firms are locally based law firms, indigenous to their areas. As a result, they have developed the expertise most necessary in their jurisdictions, as well as strong ties to the legal and business communities. They also can apprise clients of the area’s political context and provide firsthand information about the local landscape.


Seamless client service around the globe.

In addition to being able to connect to clients with top-notch global legal resources, through Lex Mundi members can seamlessly coordinate client’s cross-border matters, transactions and disputes. Guided by Lex Mundi’s seamless service protocols, which provide basic guidelines, procedures and best practices for working together with other member firms for a common client, members are able to assemble unparalleled client teams to seamlessly deliver streamlined, predictable and cost-effective multi-jurisdictional client solutions. Through a Lex mundi seamless legal team clients can experience the ease of working with a single law firm, while benefiting from a tremendous depth of local expertise, know-how and connections of multiple Lex Mundi Member firms.



A recognized resource worldwide. Through Lex Mundi’s global network of member firms, clients and their advisors can receive introductions to top local law firms around the world.


Through Lex Mundi’s trusted network of top-tier member firms, we can provide global support to our clients’ largest business challenges and opportunities. Lex Mundi is the Mark of Excellence for legal services globally.


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