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If you’ve got big potential, here’s your big advantage.


Many innovative and high growth companies require the high quality services of a large law firm such as McInnes Cooper but are worried about the costs at the early stages in their development. At McInnes Cooper, we want to grow with you – and make it more affordable to use our services during your early growth stage.


What the BIG Potential Program Means To You


  • One Primary Lawyer heading up your team
  • Only having to explain your situation one time
  • A lasting relationship with a team that gets to know you and your business thoroughly
  • Expertise – you have a whole law firm behind you
  • Many areas of service – across specialties and across the region
  • A fee arrangement built around your situation
  • Fixed fees and set discounts to allow you to easily plan your budget


That’s the McInnes Cooper Client Advantage


The McInnes Cooper BIG Potential Program for small and medium sized companies is an exclusive offer made to companies that demonstrate Business Innovation and Growth (BIG) Potential. Under this program, you receive top quality and timely legal services at affordable rates for a period of two years. This can be of particular importance to your high growth company. By starting well organized you save cleanup costs when potential angel or venture capital, government grants or funding, IPO, M&A or other financing or transaction opportunities arise; and you can respond more quickly to these opportunities.


This is an exclusive offer – you need to have BIG Potential to participate in this program. We have Standard BIG Potential Program Packages or we can design Custom or Pay-as-you-go Packages.


With each of our BIG Potential Program Packages you will receive top quality legal advice from a dedicated team of McInnes Cooper lawyers with experience advising start-up and growth companies. The legal services available include:


  • Structuring and drafting employment, consulting and non-compete agreements, and drafting and providing advice regarding various types of stock option and other equity incentive plans, employee stock savings plans and other employee benefit plans.
  • Securities law compliance and advice, including structuring the terms of corporate stock, partnership interests and other securities; representation in connection with the offer and sale of securities, including drafting private offering documents and public company prospectuses; negotiating and structuring venture capital investments, debt instruments and other financing relationships; representation in initial public offerings; and securities law compliance by private and public companies.
  • Intellectual property services, including procuring, licensing and enforcing patents, trademarks and copyrights; counseling with respect to patentability, validity and infringement issues and developing strategic alliances.
  • Negotiating and structuring corporate partner relationships, acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, distribution arrangements and franchising relationships.
  • General business representation, including advice in connection with bank loans, leases and other business contracts.
  • Tax advice and structuring, including family trust and other tax planning, equity tax credits and RRSP eligibility.


In addition, McInnes Cooper will help you start strong with a set of corporate documents, including:


  • An Overview of Business and Regulatory Requirements, including tax (Business Number, HST, etc.), workers compensation, employee health and safety, etc.
  • A Corporate Governance Manual
  • Annual Corporate Resolutions
  • A Shareholders Agreement
  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Mutual and Unilateral Confidentiality Agreements
  • An Employee Stock Option Plan


When your two years under the BIG Potential Program is over, you have the comfort and security of a knowledgeable and dedicated team ready to help your business continue to grow.


Your Primary Lawyer will be responsible for making sure you receive the services you need for any given issue. If the situation demands the expertise of another lawyer, your Primary Lawyer will involve a lawyer with that expertise. Your Primary Lawyer will always be available to make sure you have immediate access to lawyers and staff and will be responsive to short or unexpected deadlines. Your Primary Lawyer also will be responsible for providing consistent quality, continuity, coordination, monitoring and support. We provide an initial meeting, at our expense, where your Primary Lawyer and a second team member will meet with your executive team so we fully understand your business objectives, and suggest ways we can help.


Benefits Of The BIG Potential Program


  • Superior legal advice at affordable prices
  • Access to legal expertise tailor-made for high growth companies – from idea to IPO
  • Problem prevention and problem solving: avoid costly mistakes that can be prevented by early legal advice – including issues related to intellectual property, shareholder rights, employment, customer and supplier agreements, and more
  • Trusted advisors working with your team
  • Exclusive program, only for BIG Potential companies


Entreprenurial Services

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